Why are Canada’s prescription drugs cheaper than in US?

Peter Maybarduk(Director of Public Citizen’s Access) notes, “Government is involved already. It’s the government that confers the monopoly power on companies. That allows the companies to price as they please.” Simply reversing this regulatory manipulation is “going after the legalized corruption at work in certain parts of the system.”

In the border of the US and Canada, goods and services are traded between countries. It makes it easy for millions of Americans, especially those who are held hostage for these expensive medicines.

Senator Bernie Sander recently introduced a law which allows Americans to buy Canadian prescription drugs only if they met with the US regulatory standards. This led the Americans to have their medicines at comparatively low costs.

The Americans were unacceptable of the fact of having free-market drug pricing, where the drug makers enjoyed huge profits. Patients were forced to choose between their daily needs and their next medication requirements.

The primary reason for not importing the drugs is due to safety concerns. The US government cannot buy Canada’s health care system but can play a vital role by implementing a fairer cost structure.

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